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Biketown Maps

Maps, maps, maps. You will find maps for several of our favorite road circuit rides in and around Devon.  These rides are the most common for our local riders and easily accessible by our visitors.  We are working on outlining more of our in Town and River valley circuits as we speak.  There are just so many we can’t keep up with mapping.  In the meantime you can download the general map we have created which indicates the paved trail system and commonly used and maintained river valley system.

Keep checking as we will be posting new routes and circuits as soon as they are ready.  If you have a favorite ride in, around or out to Devon, please name it and send it to us so we can add it to our inventory.

Map and Route Details

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Dog Rump Park

Distance: 75 km
Rating: Moderate
Starting Point: Downtown Devon
Terrain: Flat to gently rolling hills, one challenging hill (8%incline)
Conditions: Excellent paved roadways with wide shoulders and quiet country roads.
Attractions: Devonian Botanic Garden Dog Rump Park

This ride is a easy to moderate ride perfect for the beginner or recreationlist cyclist. Our friends from the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club showed us this route which has become a favorite for many.