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Cruiser Culture

Townies are the urban cyclists that enjoy cruising around Devon for pleasure or as a means of active transportation. They are the kids riding their bikes to school, the families enjoying the paved trails in the evenings and the bike-commuters heading to work or to the store.  We understand that in general these people are interested in cycling but concerned about safety, therefore our goals are to improve our cycling network and to increase perceived safety thereby encouraging more of them to choose their bike over a vehicle for their around town commutes.

With over 14km of paved trails and well maintained roadways there are plenty of options in Bike Town for the urban cyclist.  Did you know that it is faster and has a less impact on our environment if you ride your bike to a destination less than 10km away.  People just genuinely enjoy riding their bikes, and we are striving to create a place where they will continue to do so and increase their frequency.

Bike Town Alberta is about a way of life, choosing your bike over your car, working together as a community to lessen our foot print on the environment and provide people with the means to do so.  Whether it is your mountain bike, your cruiser, your trike, your two wheeler, your unicycle, or your road bike....get out there and "Enjoy the ride".